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Tweedia caerulea



Tweedia caerulea is an attractive shrubby perennial with greyish green leaves and light blue flowers produced over a long season. Late in the season the flowers are followed by curiously shaped seed pods, which add to the charm of the plant. Tweedia caerulea is not fully hardy, and should be overwintered at 5°C. Because it flowers quickly from seed, it is usually grown as an annual.

Latin name

Take your pick: it is variously listed as Tweedia caerulea, T. coerulea, Oxypetalum coeruleum and O. caeruleum. The first option is probably most common, though not necessarily most correct.


Seed can be sown from February onwards provided that a temperature of 15° to 20°c can be maintained.



Fresh seed available winter 2021/22

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