Laughing Owl Sweet Peas

Specialist cut flower Sweet Pea seed

Who should grow sweet peas?

Sweet peas are a relatively long season crop with a high peak labour demand. For this reason they require a level of commitment from the grower. When the crop is in full production, harvesting is a seven day a week job, and the needs of the crop must be given priority.

Businesses which are in financial difficulties should avoid cut flower sweet peas - it is a relatively expensive crop to grow, and slow to yield any income. Growers wanting a get-rich-quick crop should look elsewhere.

To obtain the highest returns, the flowers must be marketed as a premium product, and only growers who take sufficient care with post harvest treatments will build the necessary reputation for quality. Small family businesses are the most likely to be able to be able to maintain the appropriate level of crop care, and to have the flexibility to tailor their production the meet local market requirements. If these requirements can be met, the profitability of the crop should increase steadily, year on year.

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