Laughing Owl Sweet Peas

Sweet Pea Seed for the Commercial Grower

Terms & Conditions

Payment:- We operate a strict 'payment with order' policy.

Substitution:- We will not substitute unless by prior agreement.

Quality:- We take great care to rogue all stock plants. We cannot, however, claim that our seed is totally rogue free as some varieties have minor genetic instability and insects can cross pollinate, although this is rare due to the natural pollination method of the sweet pea.

Liability:- In the event of a problem with the seed our liability shall be limited to the purchase price of said seed. In no event shall we be liable for losses arising from any defect in the seed supplied.

Export:- Orders from outside the EU are sent at the customer's own risk. Certain countries, including the USA, occasionally destroy seed on arrival in the country. This is a rare occurence, but it does happen.

Seeds not accepted on the basis of the foregoing conditions of sale should be returned unopened within 10 days and the purchase price will be refunded, less shipping costs.

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