Laughing Owl Sweet Peas

Lathyrus and sweet pea seed specialists

How to order

To purchase send order by post or email to:
Laughing Owl Nursery
Kellett Gate
Low Fulney
PE12 6EJ


Please do not cut and paste the above email address as it contains a hidden character to stop the address being harvested by spammers.


Our terms are strictly payment with order. Simply email your order to us and we will email you an invoice and instructions on how to pay. UK customers may also pay by cheque payable to Laughing Owl Nursery. Foreign cheques cannot be accepted.

Please click link to see our Terms & Conditions


EU customers who are registered for TVA(France), PIVA(Italy), IVA(Spain, Portugal), BTW(Netherlands, Belgium) or the equivalent tax should send their registration number with their order. Otherwise we have to add VAT at the current rate to the cost of the seed.

UK customers will be charged VAT at the current rate, but can reclaim it if VAT registered.

Please Note:- Postage is subject to VAT at the same rate as the goods. This is not our idea, it is the law.

Customers outside the EU are not liable for this tax.

Our VAT Registration Number is: GB359 9246 04

Shipping & handling

Our standard shipping charge covers the cost of standard airmail. The delivery date cannot be guaranteed by this method and if a more rapid delivery is required there will be a surcharge to cover the additional cost.

The following charges apply and are subject to VAT where applicable:

Up to 250g of seed
UK: £ 5-00
Europe: £ 6-00
Rest of World: £ 10-00

From 260g to 1 Kg of seed:
UK: £ 8-00
Europe: £ 12-00
Rest of World: £ 20-00

Over 1 Kg of seed:
UK: £ 15-00
Europe: £ 30-00
Rest of World: £ 50-00


While we believe the seed we offer to be the finest available, we cannot be held responsible for any crop failure or consequential losses. Under no circumstances shall the liability of the seller to the purchaser exceed the value of the seed supplied.

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