Laughing Owl Sweet Peas

Sweet Pea Seed for the Commercial Grower

General Information

Laughing Owl is a small family run nursery specialising in plant breeding, variety trialling, and seed production. Current projects mostly focus on sweet pea breeding, but also feature Capsicum and tomato, (Solanum lycopersicum syn Lycopersicon esculentum).

We are the leading breeders of early flowering cut flower sweet peas for the commercial grower, being the originators of both the Winter Sunshine™ and Spring Sunshine™ series, both of which are grown worldwide. We also developed the Cherub™ range of dwarf sweet peas.

Among the late flowering sweet peas for the garden, the old fashioned Fire & Ice has proved enormously successful and is widely available both as seed and plants. We are also working with the "staygreen" mutation which produced our variety Limelight, a large flowered Spencer sweet pea which has pale green flowers when grown under glass or under light shade.

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