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Specialist cut flower Sweet Pea seed

Spring Sunshine Sweet Peas –  Cultivation.

The Spring Sunshine strain of sweet peas were bred specifically for UK glasshouse production. However, being derived from the 'Early Multiflora Gigantea' and 'Cuthbertson Florabunda' strains, they also perform extremely well in California and other areas with a Mediterranean type climate. 'Spring Sunshine' varieties are not recommended for outdoor cut flower production in the UK as they prefer warmer climates.

This is the best strain of cut flower sweet peas available for withstanding the heat of high summer in California, and ideal for following on from an early crop of Winter Sunshine varieties. Equally good results can be expected from Australia and the warmer parts of New Zealand.

Spring Sunshine sweet peas branch freely and are resistant to bud drop. They are possibly the easiest strain of cut flower sweet peas to grow successfully, being ideal for either training as a cordon or on the bush.

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